"Mitra" is an alternative social media system, similar to Mastodon, which allows users share posts and media. Mitra also allows users to collect monthly subscriptions in Monero or Ethereum, as well as one-time payments in a variety of cryptocurrencies, and share Subscriber-Only posts with their supporters. In this way, Mitra can function as a censorship-free cryptocurrency-based Patreon for any online creator.

Onionket has created a test server for participating artists to try, which will remain up during and after the event. All participating circles will be given an invite code upon application, which will allow them to create an account.

NOTE: Mitra is still in development, and is not a finished product. As such, it comes with no guarantees. While the main functions do work, you should expect to encounter bugs and errors. If/when you do, please report them to Onionket Staff and, if possible, the Mitra developer (silverpill) to help improve the software.

Please also note, this Mitra server is hosted as an Onion Site on the Tor Network. Due to the nature of Tor, loading times will be slow. Please be patient.

Mitra is also unfortunately only available in English. Future versions may have other language support, but there are no concrete plans for it right now. Thank you for your understanding.







1. Use the Tor Browser (or other browsers such as Brave) to visit the Onionket Mitra test instance.

2. From the front page, click on the "Sign Up" link:


1. Torブラウザ(あるいはBraveなどの他のブラウザ)でオニオンケットのMitraサーバーを訪れる。

2. トップページから、「Sign Up」のリンクをクリック:


3. All circles who apply to Onionket 4 will receive an invite code by email. Please choose a username and password, and copy your invite code into the third box, then click the "Sign Up" button

3. オニオンケット4に申し込む各サークルは登録コードをもらいます。ユーザ名とパスワードを選んで、登録コードを第3の入力フィールドにコピペして、「Sign Up」ボタンをクリック。


4. Click on your username in the top right, then click "Edit profile" to add an avatar, banner, and set your name and description.

4. 右上に、ユーザ名をクリックして、アイコンなどのアカウント詳細を入力するのに「Edit Profile」ボタンをクリック。


5. At the bottom of the "Edit profile" page, you can set cryptocurrency addresses for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Monero. Type "dollar sign + ticker code" in the left box (for example "$BTC") and the corresponding wallet address in the right box. Then click "Save" at the bottom to save your changes.

5. 「Edit Profile」画面の下端に、ビットコイン、ビットコイン・キャッシュ、イーセリアム、モネロなどの仮想通貨アドレスを設定できます。「$<ティッカーシンボル>」(例えば「$BTC」)を左フィールドに入力して、右フィールドにウォレットアドレスを入力する。そして「Save」ボタンをクリックして保存する。


Now every post will have clickable icons allowing anybody to copy your wallet address instantly for one-time donations.



6. Finally, click on the "Subscriptions" button on the right side panel

6. 最後に、右手にある「Subscription」ボタンをクリック。


7. Onionket Mitra is set to use Monero (XMR) for monthly subscriptions. You'll need a Monero wallet to use this feature. For more information about how to do that, start here. Set the monthly donation amount in XMR (default 0.01) and copy your wallet address into the field, then click "Enable subscriptions".

7. オニオンケットMitraの設定により、月賦寄付はモネロ(XMR)のみで受けることができます。この機能を利用するため、モネロのウォレットが必要です。詳しくはここに訪れて下さい。月賦寄付の総額を設定して(デフォルト設定は0.01 XMR)、ウォレットアドレスを下のフィールドに入力して、「Enable subscription」をクリック。


8. Now you can share your subscription page address with others, allowing them to set up monthly donations.

8. 購読ページへのリンクを共有したら、購読者は寄付を払って登録できます。


9. When making posts, click on this icon in the bottom left to change from "Public" to "Subscriber". Subscriber posts will only be visible to registered subscribers.

9. 投稿する時に、左下にこのアイコンをクリックすると「Public」から「Subscriber Only」に設定できます。「Subscriber Only」の投稿は購読者のみに見られます。


Onionket Mitra is only a testing ground for the Mitra software. But we hope that the experience of setting up an account will help artists to learn about new tools to resist censorship. Twitter, Pixiv Fanbox, and Patreon might censor you. Banks and credit cards might block your payments. But a Mitra instance run by somebody you trust (or even yourself!) gives you the freedom to share what you create, and for others to support you freely. Together, we can say NO to censorship.